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Dakota Layers expansion cracks open in Flandreau

FLANDREAU, S.D. — Egg producer Dakota Layers is expanding its operation in Flandreau. The company is being assisted in the expansion by an SBA 504 loan from the South Dakota Development Corporation (SDDC).

The approved funding will be used to construct several pullet barns. These pullet barns house chicks until they are old enough to start laying eggs. The new barns will be located about 10 miles away from the existing facility, and will each house approximately 200,000 chicks. Once the chicks are old enough, they’ll be transferred back to the current facility.

“The 504 will give us the additional funds we need to build our pullet barns when we didn’t have any income because of the avian flu epidemic,” said Jason Ramsdell, Dakota Layers’ vice president. “From the beginning, the state has been supportive of our vision for our expansion project. We used to have a contract with another company that provided the chicks. But when the contract came apart, we needed to find a way to provide for our customers’ needs, and we knew pullet barns for raising our chicks was that bridge to fill that gap.”

Ramsdell says the first barn will be operational by the end of January, with the second barn operational by the end of March.

Source: South Dakota GOED

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