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Why die on Mars when you can live in South Dakota? – VIDEO

SOUTH DAKOTA, S.D. — While some people may dream of living on the planet Mars, those of us who aren’t astronauts or wildly wealthy are likely stuck here on Earth. However, according to a new, tongue-in-cheek TV spot developed by the South Dakota Governor’s Office for Economic Development (GOED), life in South Dakota offers all the same amenities as the planet Mars, except with jobs, a livable climate and a whole lot more oxygen.

“You can live in South Dakota”

State officials seized on the common perception that South Dakota was a “barren wasteland” and realized that, if there are people who actually want to live on a barren wasteland like the planet Mars, then perhaps those same people would appreciate everything the Mount Rushmore State has to offer. And that gave birth to the TV ad, which asks, “Why die on Mars when you can live in South Dakota?” The spot, which touts the state’s abundant job availability as well as its livable climate and ample supply of oxygen, has gotten a world of notice as well, having been featured by the New York Times, Esquire magazine and on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

Video courtesy of South Dakota GOED

Source: New York Magazine 


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