IT Academy planned in South Dakota

SOUTH DAKOTA — In an effort to develop a state workforce with more computer programming and IT skills, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, the Board of Regents and the South Dakota (SD) Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) program are partnering to sponsor an IT Academy this spring and summer.

“It’s no secret that we have been experiencing workforce shortages in South Dakota in a number of fields, including IT,” said Gov. Dennis Daugaard. “The Academy will help us address the shortage of IT professionals by giving South Dakotans new opportunities to attain IT skills at a substantially reduced rate, saving students almost $4,000 in tuition and fees.”

The SD EPSCoR sponsorship allows participants to pay $40 per credit hour for five computer science courses and receive an IT Consultant Certificate upon successful completion. The SD EPSCoR program will also provide up to $2,000 in matching funds to South Dakota companies that provide graduates with Dakota Seeds internship opportunities. Since 2008, the Dakota Seeds program has supported 138 IT interns in 50 South Dakota companies.

The IT Academy will allow current college students and other South Dakotans interested in learning the necessary computer skills needed to advance in the IT field at a very affordable cost.

An introductory computer programming class will be offered in January and March, and will allow participants to gain the knowledge needed to complete the four courses during May-August.

Courses will be offered online and taught by faculty chosen by the partnering institutions. Partnering Institutions include:

  • Black Hills State University
  • Dakota State University
  • Northern State University
  • South Dakota State University
  • University of South Dakota
  • Capital University Center in Pierre
  • University Center – Rapid City
  • University Center – Sioux Falls

More information, including participating companies and application information, is available here.

Source: South Dakota GOED Press Release

Source: SD EPSCoR

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